ABOUT code 405

Director: 405


A creative mind living in a “manga world” who is inspired by the creative people she meets.

Translator/ Writer: Christine


Bilingual Canadian girl who grew up in Japan. A perpetual traveler who finds herself at home in nature, always seeking good food and new perspectives.

Creative Artist: Weirdowl


An innovative and creative artist who specializes in illustration and character design.
Artworks: weirdowlart

Editor/Illustrator: littleinsanecat


Proficient in editing English text and simple, cute illustrations. She’s just a little insane about cats-nya!
Artworks: artofsaradunn

Multimedia Artist: Yumroy


Technology gets her motivated to create a new system. Enjoy taking photos and exploring Social Medias.

Web Designer: Su-zan


Loves details works and enjoying her Otaku world.